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Should I pressure wash my house? or do I call a pro to do it? read it all

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Pros of pressure washing include being able to easily rent or buy the machine—having one of your own can make cleaning the driveway or you siding very easy and convenient. Some people very much appreciate the convenience factor of being able to use a pressure washer any time they need without having to schedule a crew to come.

There are quite a few more significant negatives to using a pressure washer on your exterior surfaces. One is that its high psi can be difficult for someone who is not equipped and can end up hurting themselves or others.

Pressure washing your siding can also leave behind streaks on the siding of areas that are cleaner than others. Overall, pressure washing can be very dangerous and damaging, without being an effective tool to legitimately wash your siding and other exterior surfaces.

Above all, soft washing is definitely going to be your best bet to wash your siding, roof, deck, or fence without damaging anything. Plus, you will get a much longer-lasting result thanks to the added anti-bacterial components. The only con may be that it absolutely requires a professional to come out and do the work. However, the effectiveness of the soft wash system outweighs anything else.

First off, soft wash systems use much lower water pressure yet are more effective because it’s using a mixture of high-quality soaps, bleach, and water. Whereas pressure washing uses just water, the soft washing system cleans your siding and actually kills any algae or bacteria growth on your house, rather than just blasting it off. Plus, this can all be done within the day, and last you much longer, while also causing zero damage to any of your home’s exteriors.

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